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features of Windows 10

Windows 10 is new project of Microsoft which release on 2015. it's generate from windows 8. There are the features of Windows 10.


Windows OS users can get the Windows 10 operating system next year. Microsoft plans to launch after the operating system's annual Build conference for developers. The possibility of a Windows 10 slide in the mid or end of 2015.

However, if they want to feel the first Windows 10 operating system, they can enroll in the Windows Insider Program opened on Wednesday (01/10/2014) USA. Registration can be done on the Microsoft website with the URL preview.windows.com

By following this program, then the user can get a copy of the initial stages of the operating system (probably still many bugs). Microsoft also has not decided what the price of the retail version of Windows 10 OS. Read more about Windows 10 


Not many things are given by Microsoft at the application in Windows 10, but so far, application to be launched on Windows 10 will be universal, the alias can be run for all kinds of devices, ranging from PCs, smartphones, tablets up.

Therefore, the developer is required to customize the application to run on all platforms, ranging in terms of looking for ways to run on devices with different screen sizes smeua. This application can be downloaded through the Windows Store.


Unlike the Windows 8 operating system on which the application is fully operated with touch screen, then the Windows 10 this is optional.

When users pair the tablet with keyboard docking device, the interface is shown in the form of standard desktop display complete with the Start button again present.

So docking keyboard is removed, then the user will get a touch screen interface like Windos 8.

Snap feature interface, the user can also display more than one application in one window. Microsoft added support quadrant layout where users can simultaneously display four windows applications running simultaneously.

There is also support for a variety of desktop interfaces. Thus, the user can switch from one interface to the applications currently running a desktop interface with ease. Read more Windows 10 Interface

Start button menu

As mentioned above, the Start menu has been brought back by Microsoft in lyar desktop. Button back on the sanctity of this moment, in the bottom left corner.

But it is different this time, display the Start Menu conducted in Microsof  Windows 10 is a combination of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

In addition to showing a list of shortcuts to various applications, the Start menu also has a window that displays the Live Tiles, which is typical plaid menu of Windows 8.

Device support

Not sure if all Windows devices currently in circulation will support Windows 10 or not. Microsoft developed Windows 10 to Windows 8.1 which has brought 64-bit computing.

Thus, some older processors are no longer supported by Microsoft's new operating system. But for PC, Windows 10 will be executed in a system that has not been too long.

In conclusion, if you buy a Windows device launched until next year at this time, the possibility of the device can be equipped with Windows 10.

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